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Age Regression, Age Progression, Transgender, GenderBender, Age Swap, Animal Transformation, Furry Anthros, Mini-Heroes,Crossover Battles, Crossover Couples, Redesigns/ Reimagings, you name it if it can be defined as a Strange Oddities Of Weird Fascinations we likely support it.
Founded 4 Years ago
Feb 21, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

1,155 Members
2,069 Watchers
665,308 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Age Regression
Spell Saga, Chapter 14 - Same House, Newer Dress by MentalCrash
Cheer up Momo by MentalCrash
The Gravity of the Situation by MentalCrash
Harley's little girl by toongrowner
Age Progression
inkling development process by TaintedTruffle
CM- Call to Growth by Kojiro-Brushard
Age Progression: Sheena by Glee-chan
Kuki and Wally Timeline by Kikaigaku
Age Swap

Mature Content

Mio n' Mikado Regression/Progression (Request) by jackal0199
CM- Schweet data drain by Kojiro-Brushard
Weekly: A Link Between Ages by EduartBoudewijn
Proud Family Swap Part 2 by Dracoknight545
Young And Elderly
Adult Huey by thefriendlycitizen
AR Tsunade (colored) by Aungshadow
not your boyfriend?? by Furboz
Sudden Regression Yang Xaoi Long by Aungshadow
Genderswapped Groups
gender bender time black butler by queencastilla
Genderbent by BabyAbbieStar
BatB: Gender Swap by Nyxity
SU Stefanie Universe v.2 by TiaBlackRaven
Turn into a Guy
Padparadscha Genderbent by Rkdailey
Male!Rapunzel by MabyMin
Felix Hardy by kaoshoneybun
Webster Vanderquack by thefriendlycitizen
Turn Into A Female
Lucia! by TirNaNogIndustries
Pinocchio Girl by Nippy13
MegaGirls Project: Cutwoman by DKDevil
Genji - Oni-chan by Khantian
Home of Hideyoshi

Mature Content

Futa Marina by SlutStorm
Wanna spanke my ass ? by otalon12

Mature Content

Happy Birthday dragoon-rekka by Naughty-Pixels

Mature Content

Boy Princess by Razzberri34
Body Mods
Commission varcel 007 by bokuman
Commission - D.Va by MATL
Wonder Woman - Conquering the Skies by Rukasusan
Tank Girl by ProfessorDoctorC
Pretty Pregnant Pudge

Mature Content

COM: Pregnant Asami Sato by nanako87
Detachment Syndrome

Mature Content

Emy lying on her stomach (colored) by kouiichi1234
Neko Army
Sombra Bunny Girl Artjam by AtlasMaximus
Animal Transformations
Contest Entry: Portal to Eluna by EduartBoudewijn
Get into Character

Mature Content

Bloober Rosalina -WIP- by requiems-dirge
Anthroed Characters
Guilmon Fan Art by MaraArrt
Animalistic Anthros
Commission : Topaz by DomDozz
Anthro Babies
HAPPY NEW YEAR! by TaintedTruffle
Dolled up Characters
Alexis Doll by Dragon-FangX
Minerva Mink by Inspector97
Object Gijinka
Galaxy Bunny Adoptables by Naughty-Pixels
Object Transformation.
DeMorrigan DMC by HyperFlannel
Tasty Treats Transformations

Mature Content

Cheeseburger Girl by J-Greene
Stoned Petrification Slime Transformation
Commission: Jasmine Fountain by FreeWingsS
Mythical and Monster Transformations
Commission - Fairy Hello Nurse by TirNaNogIndustries
Other Transformations

Mature Content

princess jasmine doll inflation by fallenandscattered
Transformation Stories and sequences

Mature Content

Trap Lusting (Erotic Story) by StickyScribbles
Transformation Animation
Finn tf/tg by flashpinup
Multiple Transformations

Mature Content

Tom loves Starlight tf by fallenandscattered
Inter Active Animations

Mature Content

~Strip Jessica Rabbit Game~ by ken1171
Crossover Groups.

Mature Content

Kiwi and Eel Girl by Naughty-Pixels
CrossOver Duos+Trios
Now with color! by aethibert
Crossover Couples
Spicer!Puff by AtomicTiki
CrossOver Battles
Po Vs Jin by nuckerbar
Universal Battles
Commission - Butt Slam! by BoscoloAndrea

Mature Content

Lusamine Lille Lesbian Love by Edge0fEternity
Voltron - Klance by Bisho-s
Loli Complex
Ginger by TaintedTruffle
Shota Complex
Dainty Butt by MelBaka
Diaper Fanart
Request For Megabluex By Sixonesixone by megabluex
Pinku Neko 2 by emarex96
Underwear Or Swimwear
Master Tigress by artbirchly
Latex+Leather Love

Mature Content

Dominatrix by ArtbroJohn
Ripped Wrapping

Mature Content

Boa Hancock v.2 by Lucky-JJ
Unsuited or Opensuits

Mature Content

Sailor Jupiter, My Favorite by EziosGirls
Costume Changes Alter-versions
Hank Pym Costumes 2 by CaptainAp60
The Alpha League International: Old Glory by FrischDVH
Redesigns and Reimaging
Black Knight by FrischDVH
Future Perspective
marine marauder beyond by SuperSaiyan3Scooby
Alter Genre Job
LolaBunny by GaryLynx
Maid Service
Rouge Maid by SterBird
Naughty or Nice Nurses
Michelle Nurse (finished) by Brother-Tico
Fan Character Creations
Captain Barkner by supertodd9
Original Character Creation
Commission : Agatha Stormsmasher by DomDozz
Character Obscura
RASH by Gad by Dreamgate-Gad
Symbols and Icons
Hades' Star by Olga-Hazin
Hello Headshots
Comission - Laya by Olga-Hazin
Personal Portraits
Head by griffinator
Marvelous Mugshots
DonaLove Hair Unboxing by KatieAlves
Real Body Part Beauty

Mature Content

Beatrice Montpellier 8 by JohnGoodStudio
Totally Stunning Bodies.

Mature Content

monokini2 by FanOfAmber
Cool Cos-Players
Swat Kats : Razor by cbs
Induced Slumber Sleepyheads

Mature Content

Ssshhh, only sweet dreams by lulow
Hypno Hijinks
Superhero Mind Control Challenger! - Cover DA by dlobo777
Farting Fun

Mature Content

Peridot The Gassy Nerd by WeirdIsFun
Super Spanking
Sonic: Spanking Tails by SDCharm
Wicked Wedgies

Mature Content

pray for susan. by yatterqueen
Balloon and Bubble Blunders
Bubble by Wollflower
That Sinking, Stuck, or Slimed Sensation
Girls In Trouble by StaticBubble
Trouble Bound
Marie Rose by Zoudai
Tickle Torture
El peor titulo que he visto by elmonais
Tentacle-Tendril Obsession
Zonetan by JagoDibuja
Voracious Apitites
Perilous Plant Problems! by SoleSwallower
Commission : Zatanna by DomDozz
Attack of the Chibi's
Small King of Fantasy by Twai
Apocalypse Of Zombies
Fluttercorpse by MantaTheMisukitty
Empire Of Vampires
JasVamp by Nippy13
Robotized Rage
Mecha SailorMoon by Lespapillions
Rise of the Robots
Neo Classical by timswit
Mecha Mania
The Cardinal by ghstkatt
Age Of Dinosaurs
RaptorCop by ogi-g
Monster Play
Meet Takanaki by KSapphire8989
Monster Madness

Mature Content

Hrist by Raeffe
Magical Myths

Mature Content

Nappos Mermaid by EziosGirls
Alien Invasion
Roswell by alorix
Violent Vehicles
MelPazelian Heavy Tank Triarii - Prototype by AoiWaffle0608
Wondrous Weapons
Weaponry 578 by Random223
Fancy Food Feast
Cute cat paws marshmallow by Pokakulka
Characters in food.
May I offer you a refreshment, Gray-sama?! by Bludy-chu
Undrawn Fanart
spiral dragon from Flightrising by kessan
Undrawn Created works
Gothic Dragon Necklace by byrdldy
Rarinatrix by ProfessorDoctorC


Well As one could see we got over 2000 views on the 29th of last month, and over 1000 the next day. I admit that I'm a bit confused as to how that happened. I will state that I am still trying to give people more content to look at in almost every folder on here.  I do also want to give a big thanks to all the people that have approved of there works being part of this group.
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1.We as a group do try to follow all of Deviant Arts policies, though admittedly this group does have some "adult-natured" art works with in our folders we still try to keep with in the restrictions set on us by D.A (if anyone feels we are violating these policies please bring said offense up to the management of this group) if you go to the Help and FAQ and ask for policies.

2. We mostly accept drawn artwork Cartoons, Comics, Manga for all genres.

A.Photography can be included in the Cos/Monster Player folders, fancy food feast, and real body part beauty folders, and a few others, yet make sure it relates to the topic of said folder.

B. The only story folder so far is the is the Transformation stories and sequences folder so please put any story that has to do with transformation in that folder.

C. We will accept some 3d images.

3. We do not accept Kisekae Made Pieces, or characters created using templates.

4.Animation works will be allowed in some folders (mostly ones with animation in title).

5. No Age Regression or ABDL artwork may be overly seductive (sexual) in nature ever. For all reasons we are to keep the Diaper Fanart, Anthro Babies, Young and Elderly, and Age Regression genres free of over large, none realistic sized diapers, and leave diaper messing out due to Deviant-art rule and crack down on FAQ165. No ABDL or Age Regression artwork may contain poop and or wetting stains. The Age Regression genre is to remain for regression to the young age of a child or younger only.

6. We do not accept art works of children especially infants and toddlers in sexual or harmful situations (if you wouldn't want to see your own child in such a situation don't post it).

7. In regards to the some of the transgender folders here we only accept artwork of guy getting turned into a girl or visa versa like the folder says. We will not accept guys and girls putting on body suits shaped like there opposing sex, that do not come off. We do not consider those to be a TG, GenderBender, transformation.

8. Tentacle related artworks that are sexual in nature must be labeled mature. Tame and none seductive (sexual) Tentacle artwork does not need a mature label they may be lightly suggestive only. The tentacle obsession folder though is not where you post age regression or other transformation stuff even if the transformation was induced by a tentacle said transformations still go into the transformation folders.

9. The Multi-Fantasy folder is for works that could fit in 2 or more folders.

10. Please try to submit content to the right folder as that does go a long way towards your submission getting in.

11. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid. In addition no policing the group. (Ex: Fussing about an art thief.) Please do not ask for “Art Requests” or “Commissions” in the groups comment area those should be reserved for the artists themselves.

a. Pictures with Patreon or other site titles in them will not be allowed on here.

12 Feel free to note me about things that you think should be in the group, I do want to make this into a group that members want to see. Please realize though that most artwork submissions are on a vote system to keep out spam and incorrect content. As such all Administrators from the Founder to all Co Founders are human. Note that we all take time off and your submission might take time to be viewed. A submission that expires with no votes (or not enough votes) is to be considered a submission that was questionable to staff and therefor is to be considered no different then getting a no vote.

13. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be respectful to them. In addition do not judge, belittle, or talk about genres your not interested in, thanks for keeping the peace. No pointing out spelling and grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private if you find any mistakes. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals. Also do not post of Journals that contain drama within the group.


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