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Age Regression, Age Progression, Transgender, GenderBender, Age Swap, Animal Transformation, Furry Anthros, Mini-Heroes,Crossover Battles, Crossover Couples, Redesigns/ Reimagings, you name it if it can be defined as a Strange Oddities Of Weird Fascinations we likely support it.
Founded 3 Years ago
Feb 21, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

1,191 Members
1,916 Watchers
557,171 Pageviews
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Age Regression
[Request] Link by The-Crusader-Network
AR/ABDL - Zatanna's Trick by ToonBabifier
Weekly: Cast a little charm by EduartBoudewijn
Weekly: Staff of the Black Kitten by EduartBoudewijn
Age Progression
Jade Chan Growing Stages by Cadaver86
Trent's Timeline by Kikaigaku
Patreon Reward_Mega Growth_Serena Mega Evolution by TFSubmissions
When I grow up - Morton Koopa by DarkDiddyKong
Age Swap
Morgana Gosalyn Age Swap by EduartBoudewijn
Commission: Ageless Rivalry part 2 by EduartBoudewijn
Commission: Ageless Rivalry part 1 by EduartBoudewijn
Commission: Ageless Rivalry part 3 by EduartBoudewijn
Young And Elderly
Princess jasmine as a child by unicornsmile

Mature Content

Fifi by lumekat
Hotel Transylvania - Adult Mavis by creon77
Genderswapped Groups
Kim Possible (Genderbend) by Amethyst-Ocean
KND Operation G.E.N.D.E.R.B.E.N.T. by T-mack56
TMNT gender swap... by Lily-pily
Atlantis {Millie~Kaidan} by Ca7-Princ3ss
Turn into a Guy
Moxxi by Wolchenka
Disney Genderbend - Pocahontas by Bisho-s
Ride a Harley Instead by Dudeles29
Please, Save Me by pinkyapple
Turn Into A Female
USAgent TG by darkspectralgoat
Ken Masters ( Gender Swap ) by ashg-linkin
Femme Bowser by Vexstacy
Profile-Numbuh 2 (Hillary Gilligan)) by T-mack56
Home of Hideyoshi

Mature Content

Boy Princess by Razzberri34
Wanna spanke my ass ? by otalon12

Mature Content

Sombra by NobodyRad

Mature Content

She's a Man, He's a Woman by Omega-Panda
Body Mods
Pack Preview: Fan-Tastic! Vol. 2 Black Widow by Axel-Rosered
Valentine's day - Isa by MATL

Mature Content

COMM: Sumo Vanilla (w/ story) by RoyalJellySandwich
Buff D.Va by WickedBust
Pretty Pregnant Pudge
Midna, the Twilight Princess - Pregnant by RudiciusCaesar
Detachment Syndrome
Heads up! by NekoCrispy
Air Bunny by Obakawaii
Animal Transformations
Support has Arrived by infinitedge2u
Get into Character
Dawn the Pachirisu by P1nkApple
Anthroed Characters
Princess Luna by girlsay
Animalistic Anthros

Mature Content

586 by Qweeli
Anthro Babies
Casual Barnary by Tavi-Munk
Doll Transformation
Doll Parts by AbbySoto
Primarina by AtamaMuhonninWorks
Object Gijinka
Habanero-tan by Remely
Mythical and Monster Transformations
Fish out of water by Phoenix-Cry
Stoned Petrification Slime Transformation
Petrified Power Girl by Gorgona-art
Object Transformation.
Rose-alina by P1nkApple
Transformation Stories and sequences

Mature Content

The Wasp vs Dr. Bimboid (COMMISSION) by jackdamonkey
Transformation Animation
Sneeze by FauvFox
Multiple Transformations
CMSN: I Hop to Win! by elek-tronikz
Inter Active Animations
Love Quest by HlYA
Crossover Groups.
Women of DC and Marvel by AdamWithers
CrossOver Duos+Trios
Mass Secret Access by Cesar-Hernandez
Crossover Couples
Tigra and the Sorceress by lady-cybercat
CrossOver Battles
Double Date! by JTMolloy
Universal Battles
Batgirl Vs Batgirl New 52 by gregohq
:comm: Sugar sweet hug by Amortem-kun
Tangent to Your Curves by Kikane
Loli Complex
Sailor Lolita: Mercury by raspberryMCMLXXXIV
Shota Complex
RO: Wizard Chamberman by animetist
Diaper Fanart
ABDL Jessie by that1guyfromschool2

Mature Content

Miss spencer breaking up by Shayeragal
Underwear Or Swimwear
Chun Li by Flowerxl
Latex+Leather Love
Samus's Encasement (commission) by UsagiForehead
Ripped Wrapping
Gambit: Down, but Never Out by Phoenix-Cry
Unsuited or Opensuits

Mature Content

EE AvsX Phoenix FC by jaythemagicdragon
Costume Changes Alter-versions
Harley, Harley everywhere ! by Gwendlg
finn-ter soldier by samuraiblack
Redesigns and Reimaging
Captain Marvel Black by FrischDVH
Future Perspective
Moon-Knight:2099 by McSlackerton
Alter Genre Job

Mature Content

Rotten Peach by RiddleAugust
Maid Service
Maid Ashley by LadyDreamMaker
Naughty or Nice Nurses
Hackwrench MD by DiggerShrew
Fan Character Creations
Conda by JazylH
Original Character Creation
Redshell by svoidist
Character Obscura
The Horned King ! by Celso33
Symbols and Icons
G-forge-logo by Balsavor
Personal Portraits
Daily Drawing 5-6-2016 Half Orc Portrait by RoninDude
Hello Headshots
MARVEL: STORM v2 by Grafik
Cool Cos-Players
Tekken Anna Williams Cosplay : Come Over Here by Khainsaw
Real Body Part Beauty
Guns 'n Doses! by COMIXXL
Hypno Hijinks

Mature Content

Caitlin Fairchild: Breast Expansion Hypnosis by Sasirre
Farting Fun

Mature Content

CM: Fart by h-panda
Super Spanking

Mature Content

art trade prehistoric punishment by VoltinaSnape
Wicked Wedgies

Mature Content

Kirigiri, Wedgied by BoundPretties
Balloon and Bubble Blunders
Bubble Bound by Billby13
That Sinking, Stuck, or Slimed Sensation
A Cute Bunny by Akira-Devilman666
Trouble Bound

Mature Content

Celine, Chairtied by BoundPretties
Tickle Torture

Mature Content

Tentacles Obsession

Mature Content

Nature Lover by Phoenix295
Voracious Apitites

Mature Content

Royal sister meal  by fallenandscattered
harry potter by auroreblackcat
Attack of the Chibi's
Chibi Ed by Ranefea
Apocalypse Of Zombies
Goku zombie by luffysan9
Empire Of Vampires
Wonder Woman Vampire by Alonbok77
Rise Of The Robots
Gotham Gears II: Harley Quinn by ChasingArtwork
Mecha Mania
Age Of Dinosaurs

Mature Content

Cloudbed by TriasTheDinoArtist
Monster Play
Mermaid Treasaria by Fairytas
Monster Madness

Mature Content

Iron August Day Sixteen by RiddleAugust
Magical Myths
Merman Commission by Penn92Evans
Alien Invasion
PulpMonsters Alien by Sodano
Violent Vehicles
GYRO Assault car by Lichen93
Wondrous Weapons
GUNBLADE by alpha-denim-recruit
Fancy Food Feast
Gummi Brains by CrazedByCalliope
Undrawn Fanart
Zubat Amigurumi by Wykked-As-Syn
Undrawn Created works
Spirit Deer Sculpture by Phoenix-Cry

Mature Content

Swollen, Rotten Peach by RiddleAugust


Hey I am still looking to make this group grow, and to get more art work in here, this may be a bit harder now with the group limit, which is why I'm asking for a bit more help. I ask members and artists that have content in here already to submit more works especially to the same folders as you already have content in. I'd also like to fill up the folders that have 10 or less pages.  I have also tried to get more people on my management team, and I'm still looking for people to fill our ranks, as co-founders or contributors.
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1.We as a group do try to follow all of Deviant Arts policies, though admittedly this group does have some "adult-natured" art works with in our folders we still try to keep with in the restrictions set on us by D.A (if anyone feels we are violating these policies please bring said offense up to the management of this group) if you go to the Help and FAQ and ask for policies.

2. We mostly accept drawn artwork Cartoons, Comics, Manga for all genres.

A.Photography can be included in the Cos/Monster Player folders, fancy food feast, and real body part beauty folders, yet please make sure it keeps to the subject of said folder.

B. The only story folder so far is the is the Transformation stories and sequences folder so please put any story that has to do with transformation in that folder.

C. We will accept some 3d images.

3. We do not accept Kisekae Made Pieces, or characters created using templates, nor do we accept pixilated characters.

4.Animation works will be allowed in some folders (mostly ones with animation in title).

5. No Age Regression or ABDL artwork may be overly seductive (sexual) in nature ever. For all reasons we are to keep the Diaper Fanart, Anthro Babies, Young and Elderly, and Age Regression genres free of over large, none realistic sized diapers, and leave diaper messing out due to Deviant-art rule and crack down on FAQ165. No ABDL or Age Regression artwork may contain poop and or wetting stains. The Age Regression genre is to remain for regression to the young age of a child or younger only.

6. We do not accept art works of children especially infants and toddlers in sexual or harmful situations (if you wouldn't want to see your own child in such a situation don't post it).

7. In regards to the some of the transgender folders here we only accept artwork of guy getting turned into a girl or visa versa like the folder says. We will not accept guys and girls putting on body suits shaped like there opposing sex, that do not come off. We do not consider those to be a TG, GenderBender, transformation.

8. Tentacle related artworks that are sexual in nature must be labeled mature. Tame and none seductive (sexual) Tentacle artwork does not need a mature label they may be lightly suggestive only. The tentacle obsession folder though is not where you post age regression or other transformation stuff even if the transformation was induced by a tentacle said transformations still go into the transformation folders.

9. The Multi-Fantasy folder is for works that could fit in 2 or more folders.

10. Please try to submit content to the right folder as that does go a long way towards your submission getting in.

11. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid. In addition no policing the group. (Ex: Fussing about an art thief.) Please do not ask for “Art Requests” or “Commissions” in the groups comment area those should be reserved for the artists themselves.

12 Feel free to note me about things that you think should be in the group, I do want to make this into a group that members want to see. Please realize though that most artwork submissions are on a vote system to keep out spam and incorrect content. As such all Administrators from the Founder to all Co Founders are human. Note that we all take time off and your submission might take time to be viewed. A submission that expires with no votes (or not enough votes) is to be considered a submission that was questionable to staff and therefor is to be considered no different then getting a no vote.

13. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be respectful to them. In addition do not judge, belittle, or talk about genres your not interested in, thanks for keeping the peace. No pointing out spelling and grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private if you find any mistakes. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals. Also do not post of Journals that contain drama within the group.


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