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Age Regression, Age Progression, Transgender, GenderBender, Age Swap, Animal Transformation, Furry Anthros, Mini-Heroes,Crossover Battles, Crossover Couples, Redesigns/ Reimagings, you name it if it can be defined as a Strange Oddities Of Weird Fascinations we likely support it.
Founded 3 Years ago
Feb 21, 2014


Group Focus
Art Creation

1,161 Members
1,991 Watchers
609,177 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Age Regression
Luky StAR Konata by MikotoWolfskin
Afternoon nap - Knil by The-Crusader-Network
Hopping on a Sugar High 2/2 by MentalCrash
Weekly: Staff of the Black Kitten by EduartBoudewijn
Age Progression
Age Progression: Sheena by Glee-chan
Kuki and Wally Timeline by Kikaigaku
Jade Chan Growing Stages by Cadaver86
Trent's Timeline by Kikaigaku
Age Swap
Weekly: A Link Between Ages by EduartBoudewijn
Proud Family Swap Part 2 by Dracoknight545
Incredibles Age Swap Request Colored by Dracoknight545
Morgana Gosalyn Age Swap by EduartBoudewijn
Young And Elderly
GULLY Battle chasers by darkeyez07
Princess Vanellope by vampirefoxys
Wonder Child by Glee-chan
Little Shego by JaviDLuffy
Genderswapped Groups
Justice League of Amazons by Lightstroke94
Kim Possible (Genderbend) by Amethyst-Ocean
KND Operation G.E.N.D.E.R.B.E.N.T. by T-mack56
TMNT gender swap... by Lily-pily
Turn into a Guy
Male!Maleficent by MabyMin
Moxxi by Wolchenka
Male!Kida by MabyMin
TMNT Rule 63 Parade-Irvin by chochi
Turn Into A Female
FEM!Trunks [Dragon Ball Z] by killuhime
TG - ash fem ketchum 1 by kyo-domesticfucker
captain britain tg by darkspectralgoat
Weekly: To become the Hokage by EduartBoudewijn
Home of Hideyoshi
Wanna spanke my ass ? by otalon12

Mature Content

Happy Birthday dragoon-rekka by Naughty-Pixels

Mature Content

Boy Princess by Razzberri34

Mature Content

Sombra by NobodyRad
Body Mods
Cheetara by Pegius
muscle Ron Stoppable football by paradogta
Commission - Teela by MATL
1$ Comission: Ashoka-Tano by Vascaloid
Pretty Pregnant Pudge
Aerith Deflowered by murcury-rain
Detachment Syndrome

Mature Content

Mei Completely Dissasembled by snoopye12
Camilla the Bunny-Dancer (Patreon Reward) by Re-Maker
Animal Transformations

Mature Content

Collab: Farm Wife Chi Chi by elek-tronikz
Get into Character
Human to Pony TF by MentalCrash
Anthroed Characters
Flutterbat 2k17 by raptor007
Animalistic Anthros

Mature Content

Anthro Babies
Casual Barnary by Tavi-Munk
Dolled up Characters
Touko's Toy Time by DollsInTheNight
Rarity by Devil-V
Object Gijinka
Asobi (playstation) robogirlification by cutesexyrobutts
Object Transformation.
Seriously Cyclogical by hotrod2001
Stoned Petrification Slime Transformation
Sailor Venus petrified by Gorgona-art
Mythical and Monster Transformations
mermay yugi by solarthief
Transformation Stories and sequences
Regressed Into A Pregnancy Part 2 of 2 by MikotoWolfskin
Transformation Animation

Mature Content

Girl Turns Into Toon Elephant by Juuhachi-Obaa
Multiple Transformations
Rainbow Ripped (Wonderbolt) by OutlawMonkey
Inter Active Animations

Mature Content

Dress up Terra :c: by izka197
Crossover Groups.
milf squad by waynemiller-jr
CrossOver Duos+Trios
Akane x Amy by Shinta-Girl
Crossover Couples
CATCHING UP by KeiGarage
CrossOver Battles
Commission_DC_VS_MK by NickLaw-Artes
Universal Battles
Supergirl vs Mary Marvel by yatz
black cat and cat woman by laniosena
Vote YES to Clay Marriage by Lordwormm
Loli Complex

Mature Content

Human Yuno by Naughty-Pixels
Shota Complex
Dainty Butt by MelBaka
Diaper Fanart
[Request] Butters by The-Crusader-Network

Mature Content

Maid Marion by miles-df
Underwear Or Swimwear
power girl by laniosena
Latex+Leather Love
Let me be bad to you by MissKittyMouse
Ripped Wrapping

Mature Content

She Hulk - Commission by DarkVanessaLusT
Unsuited or Opensuits

Mature Content

Gadget Reveals by VinFox
Costume Changes Alter-versions
Optimus Primal by Dan-the-artguy
Venomized Batman [Speedpaint Link Below] by Corazon-Alro4
Redesigns and Reimaging
Rogue by Jp-files
Future Perspective
wna armorMk2 Areala Warrior Nun by Dogsupreme
Alter Genre Job
The inka warrior spawn by neounicron
Maid Service
Chel maid by cartoonsbest
Naughty or Nice Nurses
TAAWNA in Sexy Nurse Bikini by CottonCatTailToony by Bro-Harl
Fan Character Creations
Zoey Akiyama (Mobian) DarkZadarPrime by Kitsu-Senpai
Original Character Creation

Mature Content

Hudra Hammerhead by larsmidnatt
Character Obscura
Captain Amelia by NickLaw-Artes
Symbols and Icons
BMFM Logo by Epe
Personal Portraits
Rawr by SurealKatie
Hello Headshots
Zangief's Face by TCullenDA
Cool Cos-Players
Spider-Man - My spider-sense is tingling! by uiberon
Real Body Part Beauty
Let it snow! by KatieAlves
Hypno Hijinks
Teen Titans Dancing By Cuttlesquid by AndronicusVII
Farting Fun
Samus Aran Farting by Metal-Blade
Super Spanking
Diana and Clark 5K by yatz
Wicked Wedgies

Mature Content

Princess Peach by oNichaN-xD
Balloon and Bubble Blunders
Mega Man - Bomber in a Bubble by LoaS-ScourgeTH
That Sinking, Stuck, or Slimed Sensation
Blue Aqua by L-exander909
Trouble Bound
COM: HogChairTied Hedgehog by RyuseiHikari
Tickle Torture

Mature Content

Krystal Fetish commission by DoctorZexxck
Tentacle-Tendril Obsession

Mature Content

Dot by ToxicBlack
Voracious Apitites
Aigis in the belly of the Beast by Shaded-Seraphim
Scarlet Witch Chibi by sakkysa
Attack of the Chibi's
Chibi Chesesis  by KSapphire8989
Apocalypse Of Zombies
Zombie SnowBunny colored by monicle
Empire Of Vampires
Vampire Countess Daphne by Alonbok77
Robotized Rage
Raribot 2.0 by raptor007
Rise of the Robots
robot by gadyariv
Mecha Mania
mecha x by DAA-TRUTH
Age Of Dinosaurs
Stalking her next meal- Commission by blueharuka
Monster Play

Mature Content

ALC.287389O Swimsuit by Naughty-Pixels
Monster Madness
Devil Girl - Kasidy by hooksnfangs
Magical Myths

Mature Content

Naga by ToxicBlack
Alien Invasion

Mature Content

Tori by SurealKatie
Violent Vehicles
Marauder Patrol Craft by Artraccoon
Wondrous Weapons
The hellish bane sword by Lrme87
Fancy Food Feast
Violet Castle by EmbracerOfLife
Undrawn Fanart

Mature Content

Swimsuit YCH by Naughty-Pixels
Undrawn Created works
Blue-dragon0 by kessan

Mature Content

Hot Yuri - Commission by DarkVanessaLusT


Well this group is still growing, and while doing so trying to reach out to artists that have content that will fit into our folders.  It seems we have some regular contributors who I'd like to thank for helping to fill the galleries on here. I though have been trying to make sure that some of the lesser known talents on D.A also get a chance to be part of this group if they have art that fits into the groups folders. I also want to say good work to some of the higher ups in this group that have been trying to bring content in.  I will always appreciate the help of people that want to become contributors or co-founders that will help make this group grow.
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1.We as a group do try to follow all of Deviant Arts policies, though admittedly this group does have some "adult-natured" art works with in our folders we still try to keep with in the restrictions set on us by D.A (if anyone feels we are violating these policies please bring said offense up to the management of this group) if you go to the Help and FAQ and ask for policies.

2. We mostly accept drawn artwork Cartoons, Comics, Manga for all genres.

A.Photography can be included in the Cos/Monster Player folders, fancy food feast, and real body part beauty folders, yet please make sure it keeps to the subject of said folder.

B. The only story folder so far is the is the Transformation stories and sequences folder so please put any story that has to do with transformation in that folder.

C. We will accept some 3d images.

3. We do not accept Kisekae Made Pieces, or characters created using templates, nor do we accept pixilated characters.

4.Animation works will be allowed in some folders (mostly ones with animation in title).

5. No Age Regression or ABDL artwork may be overly seductive (sexual) in nature ever. For all reasons we are to keep the Diaper Fanart, Anthro Babies, Young and Elderly, and Age Regression genres free of over large, none realistic sized diapers, and leave diaper messing out due to Deviant-art rule and crack down on FAQ165. No ABDL or Age Regression artwork may contain poop and or wetting stains. The Age Regression genre is to remain for regression to the young age of a child or younger only.

6. We do not accept art works of children especially infants and toddlers in sexual or harmful situations (if you wouldn't want to see your own child in such a situation don't post it).

7. In regards to the some of the transgender folders here we only accept artwork of guy getting turned into a girl or visa versa like the folder says. We will not accept guys and girls putting on body suits shaped like there opposing sex, that do not come off. We do not consider those to be a TG, GenderBender, transformation.

8. Tentacle related artworks that are sexual in nature must be labeled mature. Tame and none seductive (sexual) Tentacle artwork does not need a mature label they may be lightly suggestive only. The tentacle obsession folder though is not where you post age regression or other transformation stuff even if the transformation was induced by a tentacle said transformations still go into the transformation folders.

9. The Multi-Fantasy folder is for works that could fit in 2 or more folders.

10. Please try to submit content to the right folder as that does go a long way towards your submission getting in.

11. No advertising, soliciting, or begging for financial aid. In addition no policing the group. (Ex: Fussing about an art thief.) Please do not ask for “Art Requests” or “Commissions” in the groups comment area those should be reserved for the artists themselves.

12 Feel free to note me about things that you think should be in the group, I do want to make this into a group that members want to see. Please realize though that most artwork submissions are on a vote system to keep out spam and incorrect content. As such all Administrators from the Founder to all Co Founders are human. Note that we all take time off and your submission might take time to be viewed. A submission that expires with no votes (or not enough votes) is to be considered a submission that was questionable to staff and therefor is to be considered no different then getting a no vote.

13. Treat your fellow members with respect, and be respectful to them. In addition do not judge, belittle, or talk about genres your not interested in, thanks for keeping the peace. No pointing out spelling and grammar errors on the groups front page and blogs/Journals, note the founder in private if you find any mistakes. Do not post negativity in the groups Blogs/Journals and strive to not derail the subjects written in the groups Blogs/Journals. Also do not post of Journals that contain drama within the group.


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